Effects of rubrics and self-assessment scripts on performance and self-regulation in problem solving

  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – Call for teaching innovation projects 2016/2017
  • Main researcher: Eva Medina
  • Coordinator: Juan Fraile

This project ensured the continuity of the previous one controlling and optimizing the intervention –the use of the self-assessment scripts- adding the use of rubrics. Therefore, the aim of the project was to explore the effects of rubrics and self-assessment scripts –as formative assessment instruments- on performance, self-regulation and self-efficacy. We used a quasi-experimental design with two groups employing these two tools. Moreover, we had data from the group which acted as control group from the last project (the intervention took place in the same course). In addition to the improved control of the use of the instruments, thinking aloud protocols were also used. It was asked to the students to self-assessed after submitting their group assignments. Therefore, collective self-regulatory measurements were obtained. We also asked about their beliefs of the course at the beginning and the end of the semester, the way they manage the assignment within their group, and the intensity of use and purpose of the instrument.


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