Alaitz Amezua

Currently I am a teacher at the University of Deusto. I teach within the Primary Education Degree and Double Degree of Primary Education and Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. The subjects I teach are Visual and Musical Expression and General Didactics. I am also the Vice-Secretary in the Psychology and Education Faculty, of which I am member.

I have a degree in history, a diploma in teaching, specialising in music education and I am qualified piano teacher. I completed the Pedagogical Aptitude Course that allows me to teach in public and private schools. I have a master’s in musical research that permitted me to start my current doctoral studies in education. My research focuses on understanding the welfare of music teachers in the Basque Autonomous Community.

I taught Music Theory at Elgoibar Music School for 11 years. For the last two years there I was also the Pedagogy Manager. This period was very fruitful for me. As well as acquiring vital teaching experience, I wrote 7 music education books which were dedicated to primary school levels. My books provided teaching support material for music schools, conservatories and primary schools. Thanks to the EIMA IV Scholarship, I successfully applied for and received funding from the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture. This funding was awarded in accordance with the Department`s commitment to promote educational innovation and improvement within the education sector. Ultimately my 7 books were published bay Erein Publishing in 2009.

The materials presented passed the suitability analysis; adaptation of the project to the curricular design, methodology, degree of originality and linguistic quality and subsequently published by Erein Publishing.

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