Leire Pinedo

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Education at Deusto University (2018) and a Master’s degree in Design of Innovative Projects for Educational Institutions in Mondragon University (2019). In my last year, I was honored to be in Talentia programme led by the Bizkaia County Council and the Basque Government for the students with the greatest potential at the Basque Universities.
Currently I am a PhD student at University of Deusto (Spain). I’m carrying out my doctoral thesis on self-assessment, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (FPU 2019 call). More specifically, my overreaching research goal is to explore self-assessment processes with advanced learning technologies (e.g. simulations and physiological measurement as eye tracking).
My main research interests are in formative assessment (self-assessment & peer assessment), self-regulated learning, socially shared regulated learning and use of advanced learning technologies in Education Research.

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