Ernesto Panadero

My webpage:

Ph.D. Educational Psychology

Research interest

Self-regulated learning, formative assessment (self-assessment & peer assessment), rubrics, collaborative learning & socially shared regulated learning.

About me

I work as Ikerbasque Research Associate at Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) and hold an Honorary Professorship at the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), Deakin University (Australia).

My research focuses in understanding how to employ educational psychology methods and theories to better understand the effects of educational assessment. I have worked in the following areas. First, the understanding and promotion of self-regulated learning. Second, formative assessment practices exploring their effects on educational variables (e.g. self-regulated learning, self-efficacy, academic performance). Third, the relationship between self-regulated learning and the use of formative assessment (self-assessment, peer assessment and formative uses of feedback). And finally, my research on educational assessment also explores the psychological correlates of self and peer assessment (e.g. interpersonal and social variables).

In 2016 I created the Education, Regulated Learning & Assessment (ERLA) research group. Additionally, I have been EARLI SIG-1 group Assessment and Evaluation coordinator (2011-2017); and member of the Continental Europe team at the Assessment for Learning International Network (AfLIN) (2014-present). I act as executive editor of Assessment in Education: Principles, Policies and Practices . Additionally I belong to four international journals editorial boards. I received the Erik de Corte 2017, an award given by the EARLI to a promising early career European researcher in the field of Learning and Instruction.

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