Study on changes in teaching/assessment methods and teacher well-being due to the confinement situation by COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the teaching methodology in our classrooms, changing from a face-to-face format to one at a distance. Our aim is to investigate how we teachers are managing this change at an instructional and assessment level, and its emotional and motivational impact on ourselves.

Formal education teachers can participate in the survey, especially those teachers who have changed their face format to one at a distance. The average time to carry out the survey is 8 minutes. You will find questions in which you will have to choose between scores and other types of open questions. Only some of them are mandatory and they are marked with an asterisk. The questionnaire is anonymous and completely voluntary. Of course, you can leave it any time you want.

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Our research team has experience conducting nationwide studies on education-related topics. For presenting three examples: in the implementation of self-assessment and peer assessment, and an analysis of 1700 university syllabi on the assessment methods. You can contact us at