Raquel Palomo

About me

I graduated in Psychology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with the mention in clinical itinerary in 2015. I am currently studying a postgraduate in Educational Psychology at the same university and also participating in a research group directed by Ernesto Panadero, Ph.D.

I did my college intern at Centro Madrid Salud Usera, attending as an observer to clinical sessions with mental health patients and to group sessions with parents of a public school. Furthemore, I attended as an observer and partaker to a group called “Aprender y practicar Mindfulness” directed by the psychiatrist Gustavo Winter Althaus. On the other hand, I have volunteered with Fundación Síndrome de Down de Madrid, exercising accompaniment and instruction in leisure activities, Centro de Recuperación de Fauna de Tafira, supporting the teachers in the excursions in which the children participated in the Liberation of recovered wild animals, Comunidad de Madrid, in a project called “Todos a desayunar”, assisting and accompanying children from unstructured families during breakfast time and, Centro Lugo de Cáritas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, assisting women in prostitution situations.


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