Neus Boyer

I studied a degree in Psychology at Universitat de Barcelona (2010-2014). After that, I decided to study a Master degree specialised in Language Pathologies, Deafness and Neuropsychological diseases at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2014-2015). As part of a Master’s program, I got an internship at CREDAC (Centre of Educational Resources for Deafness people) where I established contact with learning processes and with formal, non-formal and informal educational institutions. In that point of my career, I realised that what I really love is Psychology Education and that was the reason why I decided to study the Psychology Education Master degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

During my first year coursing the Psychology Education master degree, I collaborated with the FBBVA project in which I participated in the processes of data collection, as well as, doing structured interviews with pupils and teachers, from different colleges and universities. The aim was to know about their perceptions in relation with methodologies of learning and evaluation processes. With that interviews we wanted to know how the different types of evaluation could affect in the motivational processes and, at the end, with the obtained academic results.


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